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امنیت وردپرس

در دنیای اینترنت امنیت از اهمیت بسیاری زیادی برخوردار است. گرچه متاسفانه اینطور به نظر می رسد که این روزها ما به “امنیت” فقط و فقط به طور شفاهی اهمیت میدهیم و پای عمل که میرسد از کنار خیلی مسائل به سادگی میگذریم.

افراد زیادی را میبینم که از پایین بودن امنیت وردپرس حرف میزنند و چون این وسط سایت هایشان یکی دو باری هم هک شده است از این شکایت میکنند که وردپرس ضعف های امنیتی زیادی دارد و برای همین آن را سیستم مدیریت محتوای مناسبی نمیدانند.

البته میپذیریم که هر اسکریپیتی باگ های خاص خودش را دارد اما اینکه ما بخش مدیریت اسکریپتمان را برای همه باز بگذاریم و رمزمان از ۱۲۳۴۵ آن طرف تر نرود و تازه یوزرمان هم همان admin آشنای همیشگی باشد و عملا سایتمان را به امان خدا رها کرده باشیم و بعد که هک شدیم بیاییم و تقصیر را گردن اسکریپت بیاندازیم واقعا بی انصافی است.

وردپرس واقعا قدرتمند است، خوب پس بیایید این بار با هم امنیت وردپرس را یاد بگیریم.
در دوره آموزشی Udemy Anti-Hacker Security for WordPress 2016 با تکنیک ها و روش های مختلف برقراری امنیت در وردپرس و مقابله با هک شدن آن آشنا می شوید.

سرفصل های دوره آموزش و بررسی امنیت وردپرس Udemy Anti Hacker Security for WordPress 2016:
– بخش ۱: مقدمه ای بر آسیب پذیری وردپرس
– بخش ۲: مبانی امنیت وردپرس
– بخش ۳: سرویس مانیتورینگ امنیت برای صفحه مدیریت
– بخش ۴: بخش پیسرفته: چگونگی مخفی کردن نصب وردپرس از هکرها و رباتها
– بخش ۵: پشتیبان گیری و بازیابی وب سایت وردپرس
– بخش ۶: هک زنده: مشاهده وردپرس تحت حمله
– بخش ۷: بخش جایزه
– بخش ۸: کویز

Learn how to make your WordPress website Hacker Proof in just 2 HOURS! WordPress is powering more than 25% of the internet. It is the most widely used Content Management System on the planet and that makes it a popular target for hackers. Every single day tens of thousands of WordPress websites are being attacked at random.

Are you one of the 1.5 million people running your blog with WordPress? Maybe even in combination with your WooCommerce store?

Then this course is made for you. No matter if you are a blogger, a marketer, or a freelancer. And this course is especially made for you, if you are running a web development agency with paying customers.

And don´t worry! You don´t need to be an expert coder to set up your own WordPress security. This course is a simple step by step video tutorial. It´s kind of like a click through adventure, really. Just sit back and relax, watch the videos and follow the instructions. That´s it. Easy like that! But the best thing is that you can. set it and forget it. No need to monitor any security reporting all the time. The system is fully automatic and will send you email alerts whenever something needs your attention.

Well, it’s actually quite scary when I think about whatever a hacker could possibly do once they get access to your administration back end. Hackers could hijack your website to redirect your site traffic to other domains, delete files from your database, take over complete control of your administration back end or even damage your whole server structure with injected malware. One especially nasty kind of hacker attack will even turn your server into a remote controlled Zombie that might be used for sending tons of SPAM emails or even attacking other computers. While you might not even notice that process, it would cripple your organic Google Search rankings for sure.

What most people don´t know is that your hosting provider only scans for virus and malware infections, but by then it is much too late because the attack has already been successful. That also means they cannot even realize when your site has been hijacked. That is why you need to understand that the protection of your WordPress blog really is in your own hands!

Now, if you think a hacker attack will never happen to you because your website is too unimportant for a hacker to target. Then think again! Because hackers are using special algorithms to target domain names that have just been registered or websites with little to no traffic that are less likely to be heavily protected. The bad news is that most hacker attacks are completely automated and random, which means not a single website is safe anymore. On the other hand, the good news is that these attacks are very predictable, which means they can be easily detected and stopped by the system that we are about to set up on your WordPress website together in about the next 2 hours.

As we are going to use a combination of free plugins, we can make sure that the bundled free functionality is providing all the necessary features, just like any other expensive premium software. Follow along what I do step by step and you will never have to worry about your WordPress website security again! Just set it and forget it.

Now, if you are still watching this video, then you seem to be serious about your WordPress security and that is why I have a small gift for you: You might have noticed that the first 3 lessons of this Anti-Hacker Security video course are completely for free. I invite you to go on and watch them now to get some more information and to see how the course it going to be structured.

Udemy Security for WordPress 2016

 Password : irsecteam.org 
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